About Naitel

Naitel Global Communication currently offers “Pay as you go” phone service. Make unlimited calls to the US, Canada or other countries using your credit. Save money on all of your calls using Naitel Global’s Service and your high speed Internet connection (DSL or cable) instead of regular phone lines. Get free features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and even Voicemail, which traditional phone companies charge extra for.

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How it Works

1. Select and purchase your credit amount.

2. We’ll register and send account details to your e-mail.

3. Log in to your account.

4. Register phone numbers for pinless dialing.

5. Dial any access number and call anywhere in the world!

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Current Rates

Kenya- Cell $0.14
Kenya – Land line $0.12
Tanzania $0.17
Argentina $0.15
Mexico $0.07
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